Presence through Movement

Presence through Movement is the use of the physical form – the body – in order to access the formless dimension within ourselves, the state of consciousness that is Presence. It consists of meditative movements, Yin-Yoga poses and Qi-Gong as well as Qi Flow Yoga exercises, all of which help you access your life energy. Through that connection of energy as a portal, you are able to enter the state of stillness. No prior knowledge is required. The exercises and movements are gentle, enjoyable and suitable for most people, regardless of age or physical fitness.

A secondary benefit of these practices is the activation of life-energy (chi) in the body and the clearing of energy-blockages caused by stress and unresolved emotions (the pain body). As a result, you experience increased physical well-being and heightened aliveness.


by its slow and gentle nature, helps to balance the overabundance of Yang (active) energies in our daily lives. Yin (passive) gives us an opportunity to turn inwards, to slow down, and direct the focus of our attention within.


helps to restore the original natural life energy within. We are born with an abundance of life energy, yet as we grow old we become depleted of vitality. Qi (chi) (life energy) - Gong (cultivation), is an ancient Chinese system of energy exercises and poses that stimulates and opens the body’s energy channels.

Qi (chi) Flow Yoga

is a combination and integration of Qi Gong and Yoga with an element of T’ai Chi. It consists of Presence-infused movements. This harmonious synthesis of action and stillness is the cornerstone to being present while engaged in activity. It brings about a balance between “doing” and “being”.


Testimonial Quote

  • "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the most amazing experience I had during the Yoga session "Presence Through Movement" ...I never had a single day during the last four years without pain. My intention of coming to the "Presence Through Movement" was to be in your presence without any expectation for relief of my sciatica pain.... Not only that I managed to stay for two full hours, but, when you gently pushed down on my knees, I felt a surge of energy in my hip, and the pain was gone. On the way home, I felt light and pain free and full of joy. This morning I started to feel a mild tingling sensation in my left leg, which usually means that the pain is coming on. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was in that yoga session with you. Within seconds, the tingling stopped. Thank you, thank you, thank you!..."
    - Katarina
  • "I used to meditate daily before the retreat, but since the retreat I have also started doing the shaking exercises and practicing meditation through movement. This has been really good in order to get in touch with my body, which with vital to being in the here and now. I found myself being stressed out at work today and when I came home, I practiced some of these techniques, which was helpful."
    - Nina

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